By Mark Anthony Hamilton

Emotional Resilience


Awareness of your emotions is not enough in today’s world. Emotions can be overwhelming and so consuming that it paralyses you.

Emotional Resilience pushes past the identification of the emotions experienced and gives you processes to work through to overcome the emotional demands of life.

It is a practical guide that encourages you to take action in your own life and empowers you with the tools to recover from these emotional states.

Author with a difference

Mark Anthony Hamilton

After a ruff traumatic schooling and apprenticeship stage of his life, Mark got into bathroom renovations. After 4 years he then moved to the Gold Coast as a leading hand and within 3 months started his own bathroom renovation company. Over a 12-year period he won multiple awards from local, regional and state. From contractor of the year, to bathroom designer and builder. After the GFC Mark lost a lot and started teaching carpentry and plumbing to school based and full-time apprentices. After 1.5 years he started a university degree in psychology as he just wanted to make a difference and help people that emotionally struggled in life.  He then also simultaneously completed a graduate certificate in gestalt therapy. A month before he started his degree he thought he better read a book and learn to spell, as he finished grade 10 with a ‘D’ in English and could not spell there, their or they’re; nor know what a semicolon was or how to use them. In addition, Mark has dyslexia and struggled to write more than a sentence. Mark overcame all these obstacles and still wanted to help people with their emotions and to help them to stop emotionally avoiding, supressing or denying life. Mark then started running workshops to show and teach people how they could take control of their life and not react to it, however struggled to maintain numbers. The realisation though was that most people either did not want to improve their life or, was over the lies and manipulation of what we should or should not do. Mark was not sure how he alone could make a difference and thought a book would explain what he did. Mark’s first book ‘Unlocking The POWER Within – The 7 Steps’ was the start that helped people work through 7 steps to be emotionally stable and empowered. Once again, people wanted the easy way out and just wanted their pain to stop fast. Over the following year Mark completed his second book ‘Emotional Resilience – Lifebook’, It is a practical Lifebook not just to read but work through, packed full of tools and strategies to live life and not react to it. Emotional Resilience is a Prequel and should be the first book of choice. In the near future Mark will be running Emotional Resilience workshops and information sessions, along with book signings. Keep up to date through social media for dates and locations for the various event running in cities near you.

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Mark Anthony Hamilton

“Awareness is the first step, and nothing will change unless you take a different path. This is the first step and the hardest, to see without outside awareness.”


Mark Anthony Hamilton

“Reality can hurt us when we let it, until we learn to use it to empower ourselves”


Mark Anthony Hamilton

“Life… may not always be easy, but it must be fun and filled with PLAY!”

– Divi Digest

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