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My new book ‘Emotional Resilience’

Launch date: September 7th @Gold Coast Expo

Mark Anthony Hamilton

Author of 2 books

Emotional Resilience (Lifebook) & Unlocking The Power Within (The 7 Steps)

Each book title speaks for itself, with Emotional Resilience explaining emotions, providing tools and strategies to not just cope better but live better. This book is a practical Lifebook designed to work through, so you cannot just understand but empower your emotions. Whereas Unlocking The Power Within is about emotionally reacting to life and the 7 steps on how to stop this. Together will impact a person’s life, with awareness and practical steps to move forward in one’s life and empower your emotions and stop hiding, supressing and denying various things in life. 

These two book can be brought as a paperback via the link below.



Emotional Resilience – Lifebook

Available after September 7th


Unlocking The POWER Within – The 7 Steps

Available as a paperback (Please contact us to order – $20 delivered in Australia)

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Unlocking The Power Within


Our emotions stem from who we are and what we have experienced throughout our life on earth. The reality is that most of us react to our past and remain stuck in it, so we’re not actually living life to the fullest. Does that sound familiar? Our emotions are very complex and cause us to hide, suppress and deny our incredible power, so I have developed 7 tools to guide and support you to empower your emotions and unlock the power within you.

When we allow our brain control us we are not living life. This book is about living life, gaining the power of your mind and tapping into your inner self. Mindfulness, empowerment, mindset, and enlightenment work is pointless without implementation and then embodiment. This book explains the 7 steps on emotional empowerment and how you can implement them in your life so that you can live life to the fullest.

We can see emotions through facial expressions and gestures, yet it is important to acknowledge that emotions are in fact a reaction to our past. Once we know, understand and work with them, we will no longer be blocked and stuck in life. As a strong empath, I have the ability to feel other people’s emotions. Everyone is an empath, as we all have the ability to sense how other people feel, just at varying levels. As we evolve, our empathic abilities increase and we can see this in our children today. Our children are our biggest educators and are here to guide us to our own purpose in life as well as theirs. You do not have to have children to be guided by them, you just need to be around and observe them live in society.

My son Brandon has told me that he is sick of walking around school feeling that everyone is so sad, lonely and misunderstood in the world. It was this conversation that inspired me to write this book. You see, Brandon is also an empath and has the same abilities to sense what is happening within other people. I personally do not want to write a book as I am dyslexic. I find writing very hard and I sometimes confuse words and overlap sentences. Not being able to write is one of the stories that I allowed society to tell me.

Anything is possible and I’ll quickly explain why through my own experiences. I was picked on at a young age, so I ran fast. I did not eat sandwiches and was made to eat them at school when I wanted to be playing, so I took none. I was bullied, so I told myself I was better than them. I did not know what I wanted to do after grade 10, so I did a trade. I was regularly told I was not good enough, so I ended up working for someone else doing bathrooms. My experience was that too many businesses wanted to take shortcuts in work, so I created my own business. I made hundreds of thousands a year and won multiple local and state awards, but I was bored so I closed my business. I took a lot of time off and faced some financial hardships so I went to university. I finished university and did not want to be a psychologist, so I started my business I am in now.

I have always got everything that I wanted, apart from this business making a profit, but after 2 years of trying multiple approaches and making plenty of excuses, I am still here. To me it was never about the money, it was about my reactions and other people’s reactions. My business is to bring awareness to how people emotionally react and avoid life. Yes! Paradoxically, I was still doing this through my entire life. Now I am writing this book, it is an emotional reaction from my son. I realised this three-quarters of the way through and I had to start again. Although I have tried several times to write this book I previously had no dedication or purpose in doing so. So now, here I am in the raw, in the judgment of others and trying to survive and support my family. How can I make this not an emotional reaction again? It is simple, I just follow the 7 steps that I have created myself, and so I did.

We can apply all the labels in the world to explain and make sense of it, yet until we take action and work on it nothing will change. Even reading does not make one change but reading can increase our awareness and inspire change. We can hide, suppress and deny our power for our entire life, and that is your choice. If you want to know why, how, where and when to empower your emotions and unlock the power within you, then continue reading!

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